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19 Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Every little effort you can make toward building a better backyard — or front yard — will make your outside time that much more enjoyable.


  • Plants


    • Shrubs – Adding some curated plants pulls together your outdoor space.

    • Flowers – Garden beds with flowers make any outdoor space look gorgeous.

    • Herb garden – Set aside a section of your garden for herbs or plant pots on the deck.

    • Trellis with ivy or roses – Climbing plants can be woven into trellises.


  • Bug zapper or spray – Zappers, candles, and other insect-mitigation tools keep biters away.


  • Outdoor furniture – You can lounge more easily with suitable furniture.

    • Pillows/blankets suitable for outside – Weather-friendly accessories for warmth and comfort.


  • A fire pit – Provide a spark of something extra with a fire pit.


  • A water feature – Add a fountain or make lawn upkeep easier with sprinklers.


  • A message board by the front door – Tired of missing people? Your front door needs a message center.


  • Light fixtures by the door – Modernize your outside with new light fixtures.

    • Solar lights lining garden paths – Solar lights or fairy lights give your yard ambiance after dark.


  • Shades to protect from the sun – Patio umbrellas or retractable shades protect from the sun.


  • A storage shed: Stash lawn and garden tools, games, and more.


  • Outdoor bar: Establish a space to store drinks, ice to keep them cold — or even a wet bar for mixing.


  • Birdbath: Make your outdoor space a bird haven by adding a birdbath.


  • Bird feeder: Feeding birds is another great way to entice your avian friends to flit around the yard.


  • Fence: A sweet little picket fence can delineate your yard and make it all look nicer.


  • Trees: Whether you want fresh fruit or some shade, consider adding a tree. 

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